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Motorcycle Insurance

As a motorcycle rider, you enjoy the freedom you feel while out on the open road. We offer that same feeling of freedom that comes from peace of mind knowing you and your motorcycle are protected under the best coverage plans personalized for you.

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Motorcycle Insurance Features

Personalized Coverage

At Fletcher Insurance Group, you’re allowed up to 12 motorcycles on one policy that protects each bike for up to $50,000. Our customizable motorcycle insurance also allows you to provide coverage for custom parts (maximum $30,000) and custom bikes and trikes (maximum $50,000). We also provide protection for kit and vintage motorcycles (maximum $30,000)

Exclusive Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Achieve lower premiums upon completing a riding safety course and insure multiple motorcycles.

Motorcycle Replacement Coverage

If your motorcycle somehow becomes totaled, we’ve got you covered with our Motorcycle Replacement insurance. We provide you with a brand new bike so you’re back to hitting the open road in no time.

Fletcher Insurance Bonuses and Specials

Fletcher Insurance Group offers you the best rewards and bonuses for being a loyal customer and a safe driver. We provide you with the following bonuses to give you the best value for your policy:

Accident Forgiveness

When you’re insured with us, you get a re-do on your first at-fault accident. Your premium will not go up after filing your first collision claim.

Safe Driving Bonus

If you drive safe with us, we help you out. Consistently report no claims and receive cash back bonuses throughout the year.

Deductible Deduction

How does a lower deductible sound? If you demonstrate safe driving, we’ll knock down your deductible so you pay less when you eventually file a claim.

If you have any questions regarding our motorcycle insurance, please contact one of our reps by requesting a quote.

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