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Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Cover yourself and your employees when they become sick or injured on the job. When employees need time away, they receive valuable benefits while you avoid any possible legal trouble.

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Who Needs Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation insurance is mandatory for businesses in almost all states. The laws under worker’s compensation provide employees with injury and occupational disease expenses occurring on the job.

This type of insurance also protects businesses from potential lawsuits when workplace conditions cause injury or illness to an employee.

The Basics of Worker’s Comp

Worker’s compensation insurance usually protects against injury or sickness due to on-the-job incidents. Covered injuries include such things as heavy lifting injuries, slips and falls on wet surfaces or burns from a fire or explosion.

Most state’s worker’s compensation laws do not allow coverage for injury that occurs when employees are not working.

How to Save on Worker’s Comp Insurance

Create and maintain a documented safety program

An excellent safety program shows us you prioritize company safety. This works best if you document frequent job safety training meetings and have your employees sign off on all safety materials.

Develop a return-to-work program

When accidents happen, if you can get your employee back to work as soon as possible, it shortens the claim length. You’d want to show that you can get your employee back to work in less time than usual, even if it’s just part-time work approved by his or her doctor.

Ask an insurance rep for help

A Fletcher Insurance rep can help you figure out the best deal for your business by learning more about your employees and day-to-day operations.

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