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Condo Insurance

Though condo associations will have encompassing policies that cover the building and property, they do not protect personal belongings, unit customizations, injury in your condo and lawsuits filed against you. Our premier condo insurance fills in those holes for complete coverage.

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Condo Insurance Coverage Features

Since you don’t need to cover the outside structures of your condo (it’s already covered by your association owner’s insurance), condo insurance differs from homeowners insurance. Condo insurance is called an H06 insurance policy that protects your walls, appliances, personal belongings and other valuable items.

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Personal belongings coverage – Pays for you to repair or replace personal property such as furniture, clothes, TVs, computers and more.

Condo upgrade coverage – Customizations you make to your unit are covered to be restored in the event of damage. Examples include brand new countertops or custom flooring.

Lawsuits and legal expense coverage – If you’re facing a lawsuit and must pay for legal fees and/or an unfavorable judgment, your condo policy will help pay these expenses.

Factors That Determine Condo Insurance Premiums

Condo Features, Interior and Characteristics

How old your internal structure is, the structure design, custom upgrades, electrical wiring and much more all go into determining your monthly premium. In general, older condos cost more to insure due to wear issues.


The location of your condo also influences your premium. For example, condos in areas of high theft and burglary reports will have higher insurance premiums.

Security Systems

Both your condo property’s and your personal condo’s security systems can influence your premium. The more comprehensive and secure, the less of a premium you will pay.

Personal Factors

Adverse consumer reports and prior claims can have an effect on your premiums.

If you need help determining the best coverage plan for your situation, please consult one of our reps by requesting a quote.

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