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Achieve the peace of mind that comes from having your family and assets protected. Our above-and-beyond umbrella policies ensure that you’re covered in severe circumstances that exceed underlying policy limits.

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Umbrella Insurance Coverage Features

Umbrella insurance is designed to protect you and your family from potentially catastrophic liability claims and legal judgments. This insurance kicks in when the limits of your underlying insurance (like homeowners or auto policy) have been exceeded.
Here are some things that may be covered by your personal umbrella policy:

  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage
  • Landlord liability

Some of the coverages that are not included in an umbrella policy are as follows:

  • Business losses
  • Personal belongings
  • Written and oral contracts
  • Criminal and intentional actions

Your Fletcher Insurance agent can answer any questions you have about the coverage available for your personal umbrella policy.

Continue reading below for a more in-depth look at what is not covered by an umbrella policy.

Claims Not Covered Under an Umbrella Policy

Business Losses

Income losses from operating your business or business property damage are usually not protected by personal umbrella insurance. This is true even of a home office. For instance, if you run a clothing business and become injured because of a car accident, an personal umbrella policy would not pay for income lost.

Personal Property

Umbrella policies typically cover damages that you’re responsible for to others’ property. For example, if you have a water leak or overflow that causes damage to your home, it will not be covered, but if that water damages property to your downstairs neighbor, umbrella insurance may cover damages. Note that the coverage only kicks in when your underlying policy runs out of coverage.

Criminal and Intentional Actions

Your umbrella policy usually won’t cover the payments you’re responsible for when you commit criminal behavior.

Written and Oral Contracts

An umbrella policy typically won’t cover any liability caused by a written or oral contract you’ve agreed upon with another party. If you were to find yourself facing a lawsuit from a contractor doing work for you, umbrella insurance typically will not cover it.

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